Preschool Blues (UPDATED)

March 2, 2006

And it’s only the first day.  After 7 months of searching for a local preschool that has space, is affordable and offers the academics and fun we’d like, we finally chose one for Miss Ilia.  Tuesday I went in to make my deposit and this morning I deposited my first born.  

Ilia’s been home with us from the beginning.  We’ve left her with babysitters 4 times in the last 34 months.  She has always attended parties with us and when we go out to a club or bar, one of usually stays home.  So this break was probably a bigger deal to us than it was to her.  After all, the main reason we never leave her with anyone is that my husband is suspicious or doubtful of anyone else’s skills.  It doesn’t help that most of our friends have proven themselves flakes in 20 minutes of “watching” her.  
This morning I woke up at 7:30 to the cooing sounds of the baby boy and rolled over to find Miss Ilia wedged beneath me.  How long has she been there?  I got up to change Mister’s diaper with a nagging in my head that I should be doing something.  In the middle of the diaper change, “D’oh!  Ilia’s supposed to go to school today!”  I don’t think there’s a better alarm clock.  She sprang out of bed, “Ilia go to school with the kids?”  I nodded.  

“Yay, Ilia!  I go to school today!” She screamed while she did her weird Running Man/Axel Rose dance.  I bathed her and let her pick out her clothes.  We decided on a hairstyle and which tennis shoes to wear.  Dressed and ready to go, my husband decided he had to see his little girl off to school.  

Now you have to understand something about my husband.  He takes F-O-R-E-V-E-R to get ready.  I huffed and puffed while he primped and preened.  I asked him why he needed to go.  “My daughter is going away for a full day and you don’t want me to go?”  It’s just that if you say that you want to leave by 8 and he thinks that’s too early, he won’t get ready until 9-ish.  I let my impatience show on my face.  He promised to hurry.  Miss Ilia was running around the house, “I’m ready!  Are you ready?  Let’s go!!!”  20 minutes later, the hubby was done and didn’t look all that different.  All 4 of us headed out.  Ilia could barely contain herself and chattered the whole 5 min. drive to the school.  My husband was in nostalgia mode (the school is 3 doors down from the apt. he lived in when he first came to America) and driving me bonkers.

When we walked into the school, my little girl approached the 4 other little girls there and introduced herself and shook each one of their hands.  I was so proud of her and right then and there I knew that she would be alright.  Unfortunately, it’s my husband who’s having problems adjusting.  Every 5 – 10 min. for the last 3 hours, he asks, “Is it time to pick her up yet?”  

UPDATE: Well, we went to pick her up and judging by my husband’s reaction, you would have thought that she had been away for a few years. She came up to us and hugged us, then the teacher gave us her artwork for the day. DH had to take pics of each piece of artwork, Ilia holding each piece of artwork, Ilia and me with them, Ilia and each teacher, etc…I wanted to strangle him. He kept saying, “You’re being mean! How many times do I get to capture my firstborn’s first day of school?” Ummm, how about the next 16 years? What a dork he is.

The teacher said she was awesome; helpful and listened to directions. They even got her to nap! The best part was putting her to bed last night. Usually, she fights and stalls and winds up crashing out around 1:30am. I put her in bed at 11pm and didn’t hear a peep from her. This morning, I went in at 9am and she was still out, though she didn’t want to get up. Second day of her school career and she was already begging to sleep a little longer.