Planned Parenthood and MLK

February 1, 2006

Last night I watched as much of the President’s State of the Union speech as I could stand. My two-year-old son sat in my lap part of the time. His assessment? “Guy talking!”

I watched our newest Supreme Court Justice, Sam Alito, looking around nervously. He seemed awed and overwhelmed by the spectacle and his own first day on the job. Maybe a little uncomfortable in his own skin, having been approved by such a slim margin.

The president opened with a tribute to Coretta Scott King, and the irony hit me like a Mac truck. Didn’t Bush just add to the Supreme Court a guy who belonged to a college group dedicated to denying enrollment to women and minorities? A guy whose nomination was universally panned by civil rights organizations? A guy who is the religious right’s best hope for limiting access to abortion in America? Let’s not forget, Martin Luther King Jr. was a fan of Planned Parenthood.

“Guy talking!” Well, that’s about the extent of it.