Perhaps a Little Momma-to-Momma support?

May 4, 2006

Oh. My. God.
Have any of you heard of the “Child-free Movement?”
I have had it uptohere with those pinheads.

Look, I respect anyone’s right to remain childless, and I understand that some people just can not, medically, financially or otherwise have children.
I draw the line at calling my kid a crotch-dropping, or labelling me a ‘moo.’ I have a real issue with their insistance that taking cruises are on par with caring for a sick child.  I can’t stand their in-you-face defensiveness disguised as offensive attack.

I need your help after the jump:
I have a blog.. and I SWEAR this is not a plug for it.. but I could use some reinforcements over there, stat.  A little over a month ago alternet did a bit on the child-free movement and it got ridiculously insulting.  In response, I wrote a scathing and admittedly bitter, angry somewhat ‘private’ rebuttal to the child-free on my personal web page.  I didn’t encourage anyone to visit, and I don’t get a lot of hits over there.  But they found me yesterday, and they’re out in force.

I’m holding my own.. but I’m getting fatigued.  Unable to compute all the “anonymous” slams.  The worst part is that the Child-free sites are all protected.. meaning that only people who already adhere to the crotch-dropping mentality are allowed to post there.  And they accuse me of invading THEIR territory because I “have nothing better to do even though I should be parenting!!!!!!!”

This is a horrid introduction for me to this board.  Sorry.  But I’m a mom and I’m an educated, accomplished lefty chick who wants here peeps to have her back.

If anyone cares to wade into battle there are actually two threads, but I’ll link to the first.  Here you are: HELP!!!

thanks in advance.  And I swear I’ve got more to offer than this cry for help.  🙂