Oh Goody! A picture thread! Yay!

July 6, 2006

I want to see everybody’s kids! Let’s see what the future Leaders of Tomorrow look like now, while theyre still little and cute. If your child/children are no longer little or cute, that’s just fine too. I need pictures! Me no likey words all the time!
Here’s my Nate, 7 months old. His dork daddy dressed him up to represent the Red Sox ‘sweeping’ the National League in the recent interleague games. No doubt this was posted on some Red Sox internets forum somewhere.

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Ive seen lots of pics of Ari over the years on dKos, so when Elisa talks about his antics I can imagine him with a degre of accuracy. I also vaguely remember Markos’ blog about being a new daddy that was briefly linked to the site…fishyshark? Anyway, it was very sweet. Id like to have some faces for the names I read about here.

Do it, citizen!