New to the party – Hello, My Name Is

June 21, 2006

I found this site from a comment made awhile ago on DKos C&J (I think it was from Cynmill.  I really really wish that there had been something like this available 20+ years ago when I was up to my eyeballs in kids!

To start off, my name is Heidi, (DKos nom de plume is Seefleur).  I’m 46, married and have raised or nearly raised 4 kids.  Two daughters, ages 23 (turning 24 in August – gads, time flies!), and nearly 19.  And two sons, ages nearly 18 and 15.  I work for a state conservation agency, and my husband is a civil engineer for a municipality here in Maine.  I didn’t go back to work until our youngest was in kindergarten.  Initially I worked as a substitute teacher in several school districts, and then was hired as a computer lit instructor/ed tech in a local middle school.  I thought after 5 years of middle school that I needed to get away from the politics of education – so I jumped into the politics of environmental conservation instead.  (Call me naive, but I really didn’t think that being an admin ass’t would put me in the line of fire, so to speak!)

From what I’ve read here, I am so glad to see that after years of being stuck in the middle of “mommy wars” and listening to the NKBC (no kids by choice) crowd, there is a place where support and consideration for different viewpoints is the order of the day.
Some of the comments and diaries have made me smile in relief over having gotten past the stage of potty training, getting the kids to sleep through the night and having to worry about all the early childhood issues.  From my vantage point, as harried and busy as those of you in this stage of the game are, I guarantee that there will come a time when you are sitting back and wondering when did it all pass you by – and where are those little kids who had you whirling like a dervish?  

I’m now at the point where the last driver’s ed class has been taken, and we’re just getting the required driving practice before taking THE test.  The number of cars in the driveway is making our home look like a used car lot.  And the scramble to get all the financial aide for college (this fall three of the kids will be in college – three different schools) is kicking into high gear. The social lives of the three at home makes me tired just listening to the plans being made. And the groceries that are consumed by the teenaged sons could feed a small army. (Did you know that a child who refused to eat anything green from the age of 2 on, can eventually grow up to be a vegetarian?  And the child who wreaked havoc at the doctor’s office on a regular basis for years can decide to become a nurse? Irony and parenting go hand in hand.)

My husband wonders where the huge shoes that are scattered by the front door came from, those can’t belong to our sons!  And when did the boys get taller than he is?  And good heavens, when did the girls become beautiful young women?  And what do you mean, Katie has an appointment with an gyn-o?  Why would she need to see a… oh, never mind…  The poor man is probably even more amazed than I am at how quickly the kids have grown up.

I have to say thank you to the founders of this site.  We’ve always lived far away from our families, and while many times I was lucky enough to have friends that were in the same boat, or had been; there were times when it seemed like I was the only person in the world who was dealing with a teething infant, a two-year-old who was hellbent on exploring the best way to cause Mom to have a stroke, and a three-year-old who was torn between being bossy to her younger sibs and hero-worshipping her older sib who wanted nothing to do with a tag-along sister.  To all of you regulars here, hats off to you for being so open hearted and supportive to each other.  

Sorry that this turned out to be so long – here I was only going to write a quick intro.  I look forward to visiting here, and getting to see how mich has changed over the last generation of parenting, and how much hasn’t.

Cheers to you all!