New School Snooping

February 27, 2006

My adolescent years were a complete secret to my parents. They might have gone riffling through my diary for clues of my thoughts, feelings, and covert activities, but they really weren’t very interested. (Although what I was doing at the time was very, very interesting.)

I’ve known other parents who tried to scale the wall of their teenager’s secret lives with grappling hooks and pick-axes: riffling through underwear drawers, digging through pants pockets for evidence…

Interested parents don’t need to try so hard these days to pick diary locks. They can simply log onto, search around for their teen’s page, and get an eye and earful.

It needn’t be a dragnet; I can imagine it being a sly way to get gift ideas or topics of conversation, as many of the kids paper their space with favorite bands, celebrities, lyrics, etc. Even though the site is a public forum, I am curious if teens would still view a parental visit to their page as a privacy violation.