New mom on the block (with a little poll)

June 27, 2006

Hello, I’m a new member here – I see a few familiar names from DailyKos where I’ve been hanging out since that awful 2004 election…  I’m looking forward to being able to comment as myself, now that I’ve worked out the account signup process (Verizon apparently blocks Mothertalkers emails).

I am 48 years old and live in Baltimore with my daughter Emily who turns 5 on Saturday, as well as 3 cats.  I adopted her from Vietnam when she was 3 1/2 months old.  For a long time I thought I would never be a mother, then I changed my mind.

I wonder how many other adoptive moms are here?  Single moms?  Both?  So I made a little poll…
I’m always amazed at how little common sense people demonstrate when talking about women and motherhood, and I’m glad to see some here!  Few things irk me as much as the recent wave of books about how hard it is to be a mommy with a six figure salary and a full time nanny, just how damn HARD it is.  “Should I stay home and live off my husband’s million a year, or should I go off and earn another quarter of a mil myself, but leave my child?  Oh, the agony.”  Spare me.  Wonder why nobody is writing books about how hard it is to be a mommy with no nanny and a full time job that doesn’t approach paying six figures…  Wonder why so much of our world seems to still enjoy hating on mothers who work…

But – I come to read, not to kvetch…  Things on my mind lately (besides our disastrous American government):  Being self-conscious about sending my daughter to private school; being befuddled by the many other mothers who tell me, almost gleefully, that they have not eaten a hot meal or slept a night since their kids were born (why on earth NOT?); being apprehensive about what kind of world I’m going to be sending my little girl out into as she grows up.