National Parents' Day

July 20, 2006

President Bush has declared this Sunday, July 23, to be National Parents’ Day. He says, in part:

I call upon citizens, private organizations, and governmental bodies at all levels to engage in activities and educational efforts that recognize, support, and honor parents.

As a lesbian mom, I find his words laughable.
Recognize? When some states ban LGBT people from foster parenting, second-parent adoptions, or even adoptions of any kind? When our desire to declare ourselves a committed family is fought at every turn?

Support? When the lack of recognition could mean a reduced chance of having family health insurance through an employer, loss of Social Security benefits when one parent dies, and additional federal income tax when one parent stays at home with the children? (Taken from HRC’s The Cost of Marriage Inequality to Children and their Same-Sex Parents (PDF).)

Honor? Without support or recognition?

I’m going to send a note to this Sunday, and ask him to support, recognize, and honor us. I don’t really expect a response, but can’t let this day pass without doing something.