My intro

May 14, 2006

Hi, folks! I realise I’ve posted a number of times, and probably spilled a lot of details on me, but I don’t think I’ve formally introducted myself!

Obviously, I’m Rachel. I’m 29 and mother of 11-month-old Jessica Louise. I’m American, and currently live in Melbourne, Australia, my husband’s hometown.
 The brief geographical history is: born in NJ, studied at Boston University, where I got to know Elisa through friends and a couple of classes in common. Met my future husband, and we moved to Paris for a couple of years, and then London, where our daughter was born. We just moved to Melbourne in February, and I’m really loving the Aussie lifestyle.

In between being a SAHM (something I love more than I thought possible before giving birth), I’m a freelance journalist, writing mostly finance for UK and US trade magazines. I feel really fortunate to have a career where I can work at home, feel like I’m making progress (or at least not stagnating) and look after my little one. I’ll probably head back to full time employment after a few years, or, more likely, start something of my own.

In my spare time (all you MTers can laugh here with me!), I love reading, knitting, sewing, writing and scrapbooking. I’m also a recreational runner (okay, it probably looks more like plodding), and I’m planning to run the Melbourne Marathon, which will be my first. Expect plenty of diaries on that subject…

I love reading all the posts here, and getting into “conversations” with you fellow mothers. Looking forward to more of it!