MotherTalkers in the News

April 5, 2006

Our local paper, the San Francisco Chronicle, ran an article about my hubby Markos — sorry to shamelessly toot my own horn! — which, also accurately depicts how we met and mentions

MT also got a mention in two weeks ago. Way to go ladies!

It’s strange to have your private life broadcast, but I used to work as a reporter and now I am a blogger so I understand that publicity comes with the rough political terrain Markos has crossed. If anything, the phone calls from old friends who see the articles are always hilarious, including a gay friend of mine who joked, “Elisa, my husband voted Republican. I don’t think we can be friends anymore!”  

Anyways, here is another very true snippet that had some of my closest pals rolling:

Elisa has become a bit of a blog widow in the past few months. A few months ago, Moulitsas helped her create her own parenting blog that she runs with two other moms: (Elisa’s note: It’s actually three other moms.)

Still, he missed Valentine’s Day this year. And heard about it.

“I said, ‘Markos, this is too much. We never do anything anymore. You never talk about your feelings,'” Elisa said. “‘We never go dancing anymore.'” (Can you tell I am a drama queen who belongs on Oprah?)

“‘Yeah, I know, Honey,'” she recalls her husband replying. “‘But how many husbands can say that they helped their wives create a blog?'”

Elisa laughed. Two weeks later, he took her dancing at an Albany club. And the other day, he helped her in another way:

Her blog, only 2 months old, had been getting a few hundred visitors a day. Recently, she noticed it had spiked to 800. She called one of her co-creators to share the good news.

“And my friend said, ‘You know why, don’t you?'” Elisa said. “‘Markos mentioned us on Daily Kos.'”

And she didn’t even have to ask for the plug.

Pretty much sums up my life with “Kos.” But I will say this: I am grateful to him for having lived the most exciting years of my life. I know it sounds cheesy and borderline Ayelet Waldman adoration. But the last 10 years, even with all of our ups and downs, has never been dull.