MotherTalkers in the New Year: Please Read!

December 30, 2014

It’s been 9 years since we launched MotherTalkers, and what a wild ride it’s been. We created a thriving community here that has experienced births, deaths, break-ups, new friendships, and terrible election outcomes together.

And the good news is we will continue to do so but in different ways due to other commitments by the moderators. If you are a regular poster here, please join the MotherTalkers 2.0 Facebook group. This is a closed group for regular posters – no lurkers, please.

If you are a lurker and would like to keep up with any of the original MotherTalkers moderators – Elisa Batista, Erika Bleszinski or Gloria Riesgo – please follow us on Facebook. Elisa also regularly blogs for and in Spanish at Mamá Please keep reading –and writing! – to her there.

Various members of the community plan to continue to write for MotherTalkers — so please don’t stop reading and continue to support them!

Thank you for your loyalty and for making this community as dynamic as it has become. Much love – and see you on Facebook! xo, Elisa, Erika and Gloria