Most Stay-At-Home Moms Young, Uneducated

March 11, 2006

In a review of an anthology aptly named “Mommy Wars: Stay-At-Home and Career Moms Face Off on Their Choices, Their Lives, Their Families” (2006, Random House), Newsweek brought up a good point in that all mothers — from all walks of life — feel ambivalence about one major decision: Whether or not to stay home.

Now, before anyone pipes up, “Hey, not everyone can afford to stay home!” Newsweek’s story comes with a twist. The typical woman most likely to stay home with her children is not an ivy-league educated professional married to a rich guy as some media outlets would have us believe. She’s actually younger than 24 and has only a high school diploma, according to the U.S. Census.

Older, more educated moms are more likely to keep working. When women quit to raise kids, they rarely retire for good. According to a report issued in December by the Census, 75 percent of women with school-age children are employed or looking for work. By the time their children are 12 or older, the number rises to 80 percent.

Kind of poo-poos stories about the “opt-out revolution”, doesn’t it?

I just wonder how these young girls make it on one salary? Here’s where Newsweek copped out, simply stating that “younger couples are changing the rules, too…young men and young women from all walks of life are equipping themselves to support their family or care for their kids as the need arises.” They must get very creative on one income and no college education to fall on.