Monday Morning Open Thread

December 22, 2014

What’s up?

What are your holiday plans? My awesome employer has given us the week of Christmas to New Year’s Day off (paid). I plan to take of the 24th, too, since Noche Buena is when Latinos traditionally have our big meal and many families open presents, too.

In celebration of President Obama’s announcement on Cuba, I am planning on preparing a Caribbean feast this Wednesday: Puerto Rican pasteles (our version of tamales), which I plan to buy prepared. I will cook Cuban black beans, yellow rice, an avocado salad and prepare a non-alcoholic coquito, or Puerto Rican egg nog, so that the kids can have some, too. Of course, the rum will be on the table for the adults. lol!

My friend Amy is going to try her hand at Cuban cheesecake and fried plantains. A Caribbean feast with family and friends — what a blessing!

On that note, I hope you all have a wonderful holiday! What are your plans?



  • Ides of June

    I’ve been quite serene about holidays+ move but it might be time to panic!
    We’ll do Christmas brunch with DH’s family and then are having DH’s parents and our friend (the boys call her Auntie Karen) and her husband for dinner. Dinner will be at the new house, which now has a table and will get chairs, a fridge, and plates before Thursday evening.
    I miss my family’s Christmas Eve seafood feast followed by midnight mass…

  • Ides of June

    All that and I forgot to say: I am so making that Cuban cheesecake for dessert!!!!

  • auntie loca

    I am running around like a headless chicken getting ready – my parents and sister and family will be at our house. This is the first time we’ve hosted Christmas. My brother can’t make it because there was some mix up on one of his daughter’s passports which is a bummer but cuts out 5 guests so it’s not so bad.
    I have to work until Christmas Eve and then I’m on call Christmas Day until 5pm so I will have to behave myself until then.

    In other news…I was accepted into the Master’s programme I applied to so that’s…stressful…? And good. It’s good. But so much to think about.

    • ncmom