Monday Morning Open Thread

December 8, 2014

What’s up?

It’s the second night in a row, in which protests in Berkeley have gone awry with business windows being shattered and graffiti scrawled all over the place. A lot of it has happened in our neighborhood, including our local Walgreens right around the corner from the Daily Kos office — I am terribly disappointed.

Two things I need to get off my chest: the vast majority of the protesters were peaceful. A minority from the anarchist movement starting wreaking havoc. Second thing I wish were made more apparent by the media as “looting” and “rioting” are such racially charged terms: the masked men who were arrested yesterday for breaking store windows were…WHITE.

I’ll update some more in the morning, but I’ve been up from the noise of the helicopters and police. Thought I’d share.

What else is in the news? What’s up with you?



  • sheri

    Yes, that’s crazy. It goes right along with the whole #crimingwhilewhite stuff. Somehow these guys don’t seem to change the stereotype at all of “looters.”

  • Pink-n-Orange

    So, anarchists. Is it just me, or do anarchists only show up at demonstrations that others have organized for serious social issues? I remember anarchists doing the same shenanigans at the World Trade Organization protests in Seattle in 1999 (?). Black masks, breaking windows, all that.

    Why do they only surface during larger demonstrations? If they’re all about creating anarchy, seems like there would be opportunities do that every day, for whatever reason.

    Why do they wear masks?

    And I would assume anarchists are white. Young (late teens, 20s) white men.

    • rachel

      I totally thought of the WTO protests in 99 when reading this. Nothing deflates a movement faster than destructive anarchy, I swear to Jebus. I think this is one of the challenges of being an organiser – getting the grassroots together, creating an inclusive, progressive agenda, and then figuring how to keep the fuckwits from crashing the party.

      • Pink-n-Orange

        I know I’m thinking too hard about a bunch of fuckwits, but do they have a hard right flavor to them? Is that why they only seem to show up at progressive demonstrations?

        Because why not break windows at the Rose Bowl Parade? Veteran’s Day parades? If they’re so bad ass, why not break windows during a presidential inaugural parade? That would be some anarchy, mofos.

        • rachel

          IKR? Why didn’t we see them at the Cliven Bundyranch?

          I think they’re cowards. They won’t go and do it on their own – they can only get their mojo on when they can be camouflaged in a larger crowd.