Monday Morning Open Thread

February 24, 2014

What’s up?

I am back after a glorious four-day vacation with Eli to Las Vegas and Los Angeles. The weather was gorgeous! We were both wearing summer dresses.

And best of all, I left the laptop behind and was able to connect with Eli and our dear friends, including Erika and Maya. Heaven.

As you all know, I work on social media campaigns, and am connected all. the. time. I have two e-mail accounts — one for work and one for personal use — as well as two Word Press blogs, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Instagram pages I check every day. This doesn’t include the numerous newsletters I check to keep up with news and policy-related items for work. I never realized how stressful technology creep could be…until I disconnected. (Even then, I still had my cell phone on me for instant messages and the occasional peek at my Facebook page — I know, I am addicted!)

But now I feel rejuvenated and am ready for the e-mail avalanche that awaits me. Bring it on! By the way, here is a peek at our dear friends’ birthday lunch at the American Girl Doll store.

What’s up with you? What major news item(s) have I missed since basking in some sunshine? 🙂