Just Plain Weird

May 17, 2006

A St. Joseph Missouri high school teacher was suspended without pay for asking students in his drafting class to write a paper on whom they would kill and how they would carry out the murder.

It isn’t clear why Michael Maxwell, a teacher of industrial technology at Central High School, asked his drafting class to write the paper. He simply said it was an informal “writing prompt” and apologized after a parent of one of the students filed a complaint with the principal. (You think?)

“He’s an exemplary person…. This is very out of character,” the principal said.

Maxwell won’t lose his job, but he has been suspended for a week without pay and placed on six months’ probation.

The school superintendent says no further action will be taken against Maxwell. She says, “This has rocked his world, as it has rocked our world.”

I don’t think I could show up at school ever again after this incident.