introducing myself, the proverbial late bloomer

September 3, 2006

it seems i continue my life’s pattern of being ever the late bloomer even in my introduction to MTers. i stumbled happily on MTers site awhile back and have added my 2 cents liberally here and there.  

i am 52, have a soon to be 16, dd, a soon to be 20, ds, a holding firm 57 year old dh, 2 step(i hate that term)sons, ages 37 and 35, two DILs, 5 grandchildren, ages 7 to 1.  phew.   i have ridden the rollercoaster that is marriage for 25 years this april. we enjoy the love of our sweetest-in-the-world black lab named scout and a stay-outdoor-full-time-because-she-peed-all-over-our-brand-new-livingroom-couches-after-we waited–a year-to-get-them, cat named nikki.  we have said our sad goodbyes to our other best dog, a yellow lab, named chase who died at the ripe age of 13.

i loved working and have held some interesting jobs.  one at sea world in san diego that i miss for the comaradarie and lightheartedness of my fellow employees there.  but i gave up paid employment when after 5 years of fighting infertility my dh and i became pregnant.  i was 32 when our first child was born, and 36 when our dd was born.  i haven’t looked back, well, at least not too much, since. i’m happy to be here, included in this sweeping cyber-conversation.