Introducing Me

May 11, 2006

Hi all,
I’ve been here a few weeks, so time to let you know a bit more about me.  My name is Cindy, I’m 37, and I’ll be having my first child in October.  I’ve been married for three years and live in a suburb of the Twin Cities.  My husband & I grew up in the great state of North Dakota, now sadly and unfortunately red, but hey, I grew up there and became a liberal, so there’s hope.
I came over from Kos and was desperately looking for a group of moms who share my progressive views and want to have a good time discussing the world, so I’m really happy to be here.  I currently work as a book publicist, which I don’t really like.  In fact, not being able to find a job/career that I feel is a good fit has been the most frustrating and disappointing experience I’ve had as an adult.  I know the mom job will not solve my problems, but I’m hoping it will more a more interesting development!  Thanks for letting me join the crowd…I’m looking forward to getting to know you all.