Intellect-Numbing Britney Spears Diversion

May 15, 2006

Editor’s Note: Every once in a while we flag a diary that piques our interest. Enjoy!

SO, Im surfing around my usual mix of political and celebrity blogs and come across this picture of Britney Spears in her convertable with SPF (Sean Preston Federline) in the back. This makes me happy for a few seconds because I am no longer thinking about George W (and subsequently hyperventilating). I look at the picture and think there’s something wierd about it (other then the CURLERS in her hair, or the fact that SPF must be getting blasted with wind), and than I realize “shouldnt SPF be facing backwards?”

check it, yo
What are the laws in CA? Here in MA, its rear-facing until baby is 20 pounds and/or at least one year old.

One more Britney question I was pondering, for all you C Section ladies. Is it a bit dangerous to conceive again so soon after having a C-section? SPF is about 7 months old, so Brit-brit got pregnant again when he was barely 3 months old. Do the doctors advise waiting and giving the ol’ uterus time to mend, or does it mend pretty quickly on its own?

Thanks for indulging my catty mood.