In Case You Missed It

August 5, 2006

Check out this toddler water-skiing. Apparently, the parents of Cole Marsolek, 22 months, of Wisconsin, are avid water-skiers themselves. Marsolek’s mother, Lissa, started water-skiing at three years of age.

“He absolutely loves it,” Lissa said. “He popped right up the first time. He is a little showboat, waving to everyone and blowing kisses at people as we go by.”


Also, in case you missed it, USA Today ran a story about moms taking girls as young as six to the spa for manicures, pedicures, and minifacials. Before anyone complains this is too young to pamper princess, check out Salon writer Sarah Goldstein’s reaction to the phenomenon: “It is ironic that as younger and younger girls are partaking in spa culture, women continue the fascinating Brazilian wax ritual, which, of course, makes one’s body appear more like a little girl’s.”

Speaking of dolls, if you are looking for a Spanish-speaking gift idea, consider a Baby Abuelita doll. The dolls, which are a pair of grandparents — Rosa and Pancho — who sing traditional Latin American nursery rhymes in Spanish, are now available in a number of Target and WalMart stores throughout California.

About a year ago, I special-ordered the dolls for Ari from the company’s Miami headquarters. He loved them (for a while.) Also, it was a good way for me to relearn some of the songs from my youth.