In Case You Missed It

July 5, 2006

Former Enron CEO and convicted fraudster Ken Lay died of a heart attack early this morning in his Colorado home. He was 64.

On the international front, Mexico is recounting votes to determine who will succeed President Vicente Fox. As of this Associated Press report today, the leftist Democratic Revolution Party candidate Manuel Lopez Obrador holds a slight lead over his conservative opponent, Felipe Calderon, who shares the same political party as Fox.

One last story that caught my eye had to do with Hillary Swank and Chad Lowe’s unexpected and heartbreaking divorce. Apparently, Lowe’s past “substance-abuse problem” contributed to the breakup, Swank recently told Vanity Fair Magazine. Swank, 31, admits she isn’t ready to date, as she has been with Lowe since she was 18. So sad.