In Case You Missed It

June 17, 2006

In an emotional plea to the paparazzi, Britney Spears told Matt Lauer this week that the press has “cross the line a little bit…they like to have the person they pick on, I feel like I’m a target.”

Never mind, she almost dropped her child in a public appearance, let him drive on her lap on the highway and cruised around Malibu with him slumped over in her convertible — with no sunscreen! — she had an explanation that made perfect sense:

Spears also shares with Lauer that motherhood is amazing, and opens up about the incident on Pacific Coast Highway where she was photographed with her son, Sean, on her lap in the car. She discusses the events that led to the situation and ultimately says, “I can’t go anywhere without someone judging me…I did it with my dad. I’d sit on his lap and I drive. We’re country.”

Well, riding together on an insolated country road is one thing, but on a highway? Jeez.

She also assured us that her and husband Kevin Federline are doing just fine. In her defense, she didn’t know Federline’s wife, actress Shar Jackson, was six months pregnant when they hooked up!

Spears: Actually, I didn’t know. I didn’t know until two months later. But I don’t blame him because him and his friends — I’ve talked to his friends about this. They weren’t technically together when he came to me anyways. But that happened with Julia Roberts too. But it’s more talked about and more of an issue with me. Her husband was married. But for some reason it’s like, “boom, in your face” when it happens with me and it’s really none of anybody’s business.

Britney is referring to Julia Roberts’ relationship with husband Danny Moder — who was married when they met but did not have any children.

Lauer: You said a couple of times to me already you believe in karma. And as someone who is now several months pregnant, do you ever stop and think, “You know, he left someone else when she was a couple of months pregnant.” Does that ever cross your mind?
Spears: No. Cause we’re very happy together right now.

Great? Did anyone catch this interview? Will the press back off??

If it is any consolation to Britney, I don’t think any celebrity parent can come off worst than Jacko.