Hump Day Open Thread

December 3, 2014

What’s up?

ICYMI, the Daily Kos ran a heart-warming story about a former NFL player who left at the peak of his career to open a farm and give away food. I was disappointed at the commenters who suggested he should have continued to play to give away money instead. For me, they are missing the big picture here. Not only are the food donations generous, but I am proud of Jason Brown for the larger example he is setting: that there is a such thing as having enough money to live. Also, considering how many communities in the country lack fresh produce and don’t know how to eat healthy, he is setting an incredible example.

Please come to my event! Are any of you on Google Hangout? I will be on with MoveOn’s Joan Blades, the founder of the Log Cabin Republicans and other interesting folks for a trans-partisan discussion on “healing the heart of our democracy” tomorrow 2pmET. You can view the live chat here.

Pregnancy Discrimination Breakthrough?: I’ve got my eyes glued to the news today as the U.S. Supreme Court listens to a historic case regarding pregnancy discrimination. My MomsRising colleagues and our members are among those lending their support outside the courthouse. This makes me feel hopeful that one day none of our daughters will be forced to choose between their jobs and their pregnancies. Progress!

And, yes, we have various virtual initiatives going on as well. Among them is a #WellnessWed twitter chat devoted to pregnancy discrimination and the case itself at 1pmET TODAY. I’ll be tweeting in Spanish, while our “Rolling” will be doing so in English. Please join us!

What else is in the news? What’s up with you?