Hump Day Open Thread

June 11, 2014

What’s up?

Let’s talk sports. I have to say that watching Ari play soccer has made me love the sport. Because I am more familiar with the rules — I can’t say that I always understand why the referee is blowing the whistle — I am more inclined to watch it on TV.

In light of the World Cup, I enjoyed reading this New York Times piece about how the U.S. team is coached by a German who doesn’t think the U.S. could win for cultural reasons: the entitled attitude of the players and how the country loses its best players to other sports like lacrosse. It was fascinating, and made me inclined to keep watching soccer!

In education news: It’s appalling how expensive college has become even after taking into account inflation. It isn’t uncommon for young adults to graduate with $100,000 in debt for a bachelor’s degree, or in the case of a young woman I spotted off the freeway the other day, have to panhandle for school. Outrageous.

An amazing organizer that I know, Melissa Byrne, recently shared her story on how student loan debt has ruined her economic future. It’s worth a read and made me wonder: what can we do to make college affordable for everyone?

Oh, and by the way, major political news alert: House Majority Leader Eric Cantor lost his primary bid. His opponent, Dave Brat, ran on an anti-immigration reform platform. I’m sad that the GOP probably won’t touch the issue, leaving millions of mixed-status families in limbo. OTOH, considering how important this issue is to Latino and Asian voters, the xenophobia in the long-run will not bode well for this party. Standing by and watching this train wreck in the making…

What else is in the news? What’s up with you?