Hump Day Open Thread

April 30, 2014

What’s up?

Study on Birth Order, Gender: My co-workers and I had a fun time discussing this story in Jezebel. It’s regarding a study showing that oldest daughters are the most ambitious and successful.

And no — I am not sharing this piece because I am an oldest daughter! 😉

Autism Awareness Month: April is Autism Awareness Month, and MomsRising is devoting today’s #WellnessWed twitter chat to the topic. Have stories or resources to share? Please stop by the #WellnessWed hashtag on Twitter at 2pmET!

You know you’re getting old when… Do you all remember “Poppy Girl”? After more than a year, I caught up with her for lunch yesterday, which was wonderful.

It was amazing to discover that our kids had grown up — she’s parenting a teenager! — and that we’ve actually aged in the last 15 years we’ve known each other. I got a chuckle at these photos she gave me. They are from 1999 when Markos and I first arrived to San Francisco and we worked together at a dot-com start-up. Not only do Markos and I look like kids, but at the time of purchasing my purple iMac on layaway I seriously thought I would never update my computer again. It was so hip and revolutionary then! lol!

Go ahead. Post your pics and all the ways you are starting to show your age.

What’s on your mind today?