Hump Day Open Thread

November 20, 2013

What’s up?

Ms. magazine had the best article on maternal profiling I have read in a long time. As the article noted, it is still legal for employers in 28 states to ask a woman if she has children or plans to have them. Also, mothers are 79 percent less likely than non-mothers with equal experience and resumes to be hired for a job.

What caught my attention is that all of this fear and bias against working mothers is based on…smoke. Check it out:

But studies have shown that employees who have to take time off for sick leave due to lack of exercise, poor diet or other bad health habits take much longer leave than that allotted to new mothers—and are much less productive than new mothers when returning to the job. Employees who are caring for aging relatives take even more time off than new mothers.

So why is it that mothers are the ones being discriminated against? If employers are claiming that they are screening out prospective lost time and lost revenue, should they not screen for these other factors as well? Better yet, why can’t employers just treat everyone equally and not discriminate at all—as the Equal Opportunity Employment Act intends?

Here! Here!

I also got teary-eyed watching the end of this mind-blowing discussion on Black feminism at The New School between Melissa Harris Perry and bell hooks. The video is over an hour long, and while I feel guilty about ignoring all else to watch it, it really was that good. At the end, Bronx organizer Tanya Fields — who spoke at MomsRising’s food conference in New York last March! — talked about the shame she was made to feel as a poor single mother of four children. Harris Perry, who is also a single mother, gave a response that is so worth watching. Do it!

What else is in the news? What’s up with you?