How Far Would YOU Go For Your Dying Child?

March 3, 2006

Byron Perkins’ son is on dialysis and needs a kidney and as any parent would do, he selflessly offered to donate one of his. The problem? He was in jail, awaiting sentencing for a gun and drug conviction. Perkins’ conviction carries a minimum jail term of 25 years. In order to “save his son” and donate his kidney, he had to ask the court to be released.

“He was crying. He was just literally begging the judge,” Izgarjan said. “He told the judge, ‘My son is going to die if I don’t give him this kidney. He’s so sick right now.’ “

Perkins, who had served seven years for bank robbery, even left behind a letter promising he would “come through” for his son Destin, who needs dialysis.

The judge approved the release on a $10,000 unsecured bond, which did not require Perkins to put up any money.”

So, what happened next? He disappeared and has been on the run for over a month. His son, Destin is still on dialysis. So much for the unconditional love of a father.