Hot Links, Sizzlin' in the Pan

February 18, 2006

Here’s some fun stuff for the weekend. The theme? FANTASY.

Apparently, there’s a whole genre of trashy romance paperbacks devoted to baby-daddy fantasy. Red meat for the Smart Bitches.

It’s hard out here for a superheroine. Peer into the adolescent world of comics, and you’ll discover a roiling id full of rape/torture/dismember/snuff fantasies.

Travis Frey composed a marriage contract of sorts, spelling out in incredible detail his expectations for his spouse. My reaction was, “What a monster.” But you know, I bet a good many men harbor some of the fantasies found within this document, but would never have the nerve to commit them to paper as expectations, let alone in a contractual format. And that’s a good thing. A sincere thank you to the feministas!