Friday Morning Open Thread

December 5, 2014

What’s up?

I’ve got nothing. I was caught up with some volunteer projects, and now must catch up at work. I hate not being able to say no!

What’s up with you? Have a great weekend all!



  • SnarkyMom

    I’m done with the world. People are stupid and mean and I want some escapism. Who has a link to a cute cat video? An adorable puppy or baby (or better yet puppy AND baby) thing? Bonus points for pandas.

  • ncmom

    So Rolling Stone, wtf? Now they’re backing off the story?

    • Sue in Queens

      Agree – I only heard bits and pieces of this – and finally got to read the main article and some of the response last night. The thing is – the whole article could stand without “Jackie”s story – they’ve got plenty of information there. The sensationalism of the individual story is just that – sensationalism – and that doesn’t do any good for the effort to fix the awful sexual assault crisis in our universities/

      • auntie loca

        The editors really dropped the ball on this one.

        • rachel

          Yeah. I read a great article by a lawyer and victim’s rights advocate (I think Expat Briton linked to it?), explaining how, as an advocate for victims, she has a duty to evaluate what is fact and what can be verified, because to not do so results in exactly the mess the Stone and now “Jackie” are facing.