For the 'Pimped Out' Baby

March 8, 2006

While Erika has blogged about mothers who tote $300 diaper bags and walk their infants in $750-strollers, BloggingBaby hilariously compiled a “top six” list of more over-the-top “baby bling”.

How about a $185-Spongebob Squarepants juice box holder? A $47,000-Cinderella bed by Coach?

Don’t have the cash for such extravagance? No problem. A new company, aptly named “Pimpfants”, has stepped in to fill the gap in your baby’s wardrobe. The company sells “Baby Beater” tank tops ($16) and track suits ($45) among other apparel. I don’t know if I want my two-year-old son wearing a wife beater bearing the name “Pimpfant”, but it may make for a good gag gift at a baby shower.