Father's Day Gift Ideas Needed

June 14, 2006

People Magazine reminded me that Father’s Day is this Sunday. I know, it’s a Hallmark holiday. But when we are consumed by the daily demands of parenthood it is easy to overlook the contributions by the most important men in our lives.

In other words, every June I find myself asking, “What the hell do you get the guy who has everything?” My DH has every book, every gadget, every DVD, and other ware he could possibly want. He’s not into clothes or cologne. Every year, not excluding this year, he tells me not to buy him anything. This year, I suggested we see an Oakland A’s game. He agreed.

I know not very creative of me or personal — or any element of surprise since I told him.

My dad, who is a Cuban in New Hampshire, is so much easier to please. Every year, I send him a guayabera, a button-up Cuban shirt, which I can get in California, but he can’t find in New Hampshire. I also order him Cuban-themed movies and CDs online, which I know he would not think about looking. (And again, he is not going to find them in the stores where he lives.)

Anyways, People offered a pretty comprehensive gift guide for men. Here are some of my favorites:

1.) The Biggest Loser: The Workout, Vol. 1 ($15) — a workout DVD. I hate to stereotype, but I’d think you can’t go wrong with any action flick or anything sports-related on DVD.

2.) Fantasyland ($26), a journalist’s first-hand account about fantasy baseball. I was also intrigued by Unforgettable Journeys to Take Before You Die by Steve Watkins and Clare Jones.

At least for me, books seem like a good idea. Last year, I got my husband the book Big Shoes: In Celebration of Dads and Fatherhood, which were a bunch of essays about fatherhood compiled by Al Roker and Amy Rennert. The book included funny pieces by Jon Stewart and Conan O’Brien.

Then again, I don’t remember my hubby actually reading it…errrr.

3.) Bluetooth Headphones ($250). Actually, if you have some cash to spare this is a pretty unique and practical gift. I remember writing about Plantronics’ headphone and another company Jabra’s some years back as a tech reporter. The headsets let you listen to music on your MP3 player or talk on your cell phone without any wires connecting the gadget to your ear. Really neat. But it’s disappointing that their steep price hasn’t dropped since they were introduced 5, 6 years ago. Ouch.

4.) For Mr. Mom, there were a lot of cute gift ideas, like the diaper vest ($81) — a fisherman’s vest with big enough pockets for diapers and wipes. Or for the technophile with a little more disposable income, the Philips digital photo display($250).

What say you, fellow MotherTalkers? What do you plan to give the most important men in your lives?