Enviro-pimping vent

I get Cooking Light magazine. In addition to recipes they have a bit of fitness, travel, and “lifestyle” articles. For the past few years they have featured what they call a “Fit House.”
I read this year’s “Fit House” article yesterday evening (located at http://www.cookinglight.com/…). The article drools on and on about what a wonderfully green house it is.

This house is out in the Atlanta exurbs and is 4,835 square feet. It incorporates cypress imported from Spain.

I don’t care how much insulation you have, there is nothing environmentally friendly about a 5000 square foot house with six and a half bathrooms. (And four bedrooms. This is not a house intended for a family of nine.)

How often do you see advertisers attempting to appeal to the consumer’s environmental consciousness when clearly the product bears no relationship whatsoever to anything that might be reasonably called environmentally friendly?

Does this get on anyone else’s nerves?