Elect legislators with daughters…

June 28, 2006

Fascinating diary. Good job, Caroline! -Elisa

What’s the matter with me, didn’t I say I wouldn’t really be much of a diary-poster???

I ran across this in the June issue of The Atlantic, and thought it might interest this group.  A Yale researcher has concluded that there is a correlation between how progressively a male legislator votes, especially with respect to reproductive rights, and how many daughters he has.  I will paste the excerpt below the fold along with a link to more information.
Here is the snip from the magazine:

Take Your Daughters to Work

If you want to know how a male legislator is going to vote on abortion-related legislation, you should find out how many daughters he has, a new study suggests. A Yale academic used voting-record scores for male legislators, compiled by the National Organization for Women and the National Right to Life Committee, to assess whether there was a link between having female children and taking a more liberal position on “women’s issues,” defined broadly to include topics from education to health care to abortion rights. The author found that the higher the proportion of female children in a U.S. congressman’s family, the more likely he was to lean left on these issues–that is, to have a higher NOW score and a lower NRLC score. (The pattern exists with both Democrats and Republicans.) And although the “gender gap,” which holds that women are more likely to be liberal than men, narrows into near nonexistence over abortion, the “daughter gap” widens when abortion rights are at stake: the relationship between having more daughters and having a liberal voting record was strongest for legislation specifically related to abortion and contraception.

Female Socialization: How Daughters Affect Their Legislator Fathers’ Voting on Women’s Issues, Ebonya Washington, National Bureau of Economic Research