DOPA and other dopey ideas

August 3, 2006

As a teacher and a mother, there are certain issues that just get me fired up.  This DOPA law is one of them.  As if trying to help my students learn about research isn’t difficult enough with the insane firewall that are set up on school computers, now this!
Here’s a few things I’m thinking:
1.    How does preventing teachers from helping students learn about social network spaces on the web protect them?
2.    Who would I depend on to educate my children about the web . . . myself – always two years behind on this stuff, or the hip technology teacher who not only knows this stuff, but uses it on a daily basis?
3.    What makes more sense?  Denying students access to an incredible way to practice thinking, writing and communicating or prosecuting predators?
4.    How are students most likely to learn, through the methods we learned from 20 years ago, or through using things that peak their interest like MySpace and Pod casting?
5.    Ultimately, do we want to raise a nation of children who cannot compete in an increasingly complex job market, or do we want to help them negotiate, master and better it?

Just wondering.