the "unfenced" pool next door

We have a great next door neighbor- a divorced guy who owns a lawn care service. His kids have graduated high school / college. He’s enjoying single-ness, and occasionally we have to deal with semi-loud parties on the weekends. He has to deal with our inability to keep a yard in order, and will mow the lawn / kill our weeds when he gets sick of them.

His house caught on fire a couple of years ago and he’s been repairing the house on his own. The fence in his yard went up in smoke and he replaced most of it. Last year, though, he put in an in-ground pool, and never finished the fence gate. It wasn’t something I ever considered a problem until my mom pointed out the very obvious Gabe issue. If we are in the front yard, Gabe can walk straight into that pool in less than a minute or two. I will have to be constantly vigilant when we are out in the front yard, which is often. In the time I tunr my back to put Ben in the car… yea.

SO i need to talk to this guy, but have no idea how to address it. A “hey, you gonna finish that fence? Because I have a toddler and it’s freaking me out” seems like it should be easy enough, right? But we’re not “neighborly” neighbors and honestly don’t SEE him that often. I don’t know why it intimidates me to go over there and find him to discuss this, and really, what would the discussion be? I looked up the city rules and he’s clearly in violation of them. There is a big cowardly part of me that wants to just put a copy in his mailbox, but if he ignores it that is ridiculous. Advice?? I honestly can’t let it go much longer without panicking.