You guys might remember the procedure I had last year – uterine fibroid embolization – whose purpose was to shrink my HUGE fibroid. Well the UFE didn’t work, and this winter my OB-GYN recommended hysterectomy.

I’ve been on a treatment of Lupron to shrink the fibroid to make it easier to manage in surgery, and am also going through all the pre-surgery prep…including the mammo and follow up.

Surgery is scheduled for July 17. It will likely be abdominal (not transvaginal or laproscopic because of the size of the fibroid).  3 My mom will come in that week, and stay through the weekend.  Then she’s taking DS with her back home – this was pre-planned, the timing is coincidental – he will go to camp near her for two weeks and then they are going on a trip to New Mexico together.

I’m planning on 3-4 weeks off from work, but really have no idea what to expect.  I’ve never had major surgery and don’t really know how my body will react.

Anyway, I’m trying to focus on things I can impact, and getting things pulled together at work so people can “cover” for me.  Mom told me to look into getting a home health aide for a couple of hours a day for a week or two – especially since I live on a three floor house and won’t be able to do stairs by myself.

And trying not to be tense or anxious about this -but of course I am.  And, weirdly, thinking “I’ve sort of gotten used to my uterus… odd to want to have it taken out”