It seems like a roll call is in order in our new home. Many comments have been made about the heart of the site feeling different, that there are fewer comments being made, the new design is tough to follow, etc. The last redesign was just over 3 years ago — can anyone even remember what MT looked like before that change? Yet, there was a lot of fuss about it at the time.

We all know that comments spur comments, so if everyone reading this makes a commitment to comment or post every time they come to MT (obvs not everyone visits everyday — so just whenever you do visit), that will help drive more comments. If everyone who posts at FB posts here instead, that will drive content. The FB threads do tend to be more personal since it’s not a public forum, but let’s give this old girl a try again, shall we?

Time for roll call — post your handle below and let us know who you are if you changed it. If you are new, tell us a little about yourself, and welcome!