Updated 6/6 10 am EST: No peeking musicteacher!

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*** Update 6/6 ***

Wow – you are all truly amazing and I am once again humbled by this community. We have already collected $525 for musicteacher and her family. THANK YOU! I am going to reach out to her to see if she has paypal in which case I’ll send whatever I’ve gotten on Friday; otherwise I’ll snail mail.

I also liked cindy’s suggestion of doing a Shutterfly book for a few weeks from now to provide some love and support when DH is starting chemo. Please e-mail me photos, messages, quotes, etc. at capasb at gmail dot com by June 15 and I’ll link a draft of the book soon after that.

Thanks also to the many of you who are sending things directly to musicteacher and her family. I’ve loved hearing about all of the things this community is doing to help!


Hi everyone, Our musicteacher and her family are going through some really challenging times with her DH’s illness. I thought it would be worthwhile to send a MT care package so I wanted to gather your ideas and offer to facilitate it.

Musicteacher has been posting mostly on the FB page but I checked with her and now that DH has told his work, she is comfortable with me putting details here. Her DH has been suffering with stomach pain for the past few weeks. This led to numerous appointments. The med group found tumors and today musicteacher and her DH found out that the tumors are malignant. The CAT scan today did not show any spread. Her DH will have surgery on Saturday and then a round of chemo in 3-4 weeks. They are cautiously optimistic but of course this is very difficult. Musicteacher said she didn’t know that they needed anything right now but good thoughts and prayers, but I’m sure we can find a way to help.

One idea I had was to put together a Shutterfly book and then provide a monetary gift. But we could also go for more gifts, things for the kids, gift certificates, and/or other great ideas. So let’s talk about some ideas that you may have and we can figure out what to do to show that we love them and are keeping them in our thoughts and prayers.

My e-mail is capasb at gmail dot com. This can be used for paypal donations or sending photos or quotes (if we end up going the shutterfly route). I just wanted to have my e-mail in the body as I’m still not sure about the editing here 🙂

Thanks everyone.

*** Update 6/4 11 pm EST ***

I sent musicteacher a note asking about allergies and anything she may need. Here is her response, which I think supports the idea of money that they can use for what they need and/or a food delivery place (that works with allergies) and/or some certificates for kid activities in the area. What do you think?

Note from musicteacher:

Joey is allergic to peanuts. Josh is allergic to peanuts, tree nuts and eggs.

I’m not really sure what we will need, but I can fill you in on the plan so far. My ILs are coming to town on Weds. They will stay with my parents (our backyards connect) and hang out here during the days. I think MIL plans to help out with cooking and cleaning but is not physically able to keep up with the kids. FIL is 84 so he will be mainly offering MIL and DH moral support although he loves going to Wegmans when he is up here and still drives quite well. I’ve been doing the bulk of the childcare for the last 2 months with my mom so that won’t be anything out of our new “normal” I think I will be handing the kids off to my mom in order to be at the hospital with DH but we are attempting to keep up with as much as their stuff as possible. I’m really hoping that my father and brother can help out in that regard. Help with meals may be something that we will need as MIL is not young (74) and will probably want some time at the hospital with Alex. He will be recovering at home afterward and I will need to keep the kids from jumping on him so the plan will be to keep them busy out of the house as much as possible.