Great moments in parenting

This week I had a temper tantrum and yelled at my three oldest kids for their lack of gross motor skills on Mother’s Day, no less.  On that same day, I hollered at my oldest to “Pedal!!!” in a harsh tone while pushing/holding him up on his bike seat.  I let go and he fell and cried and talked about how Mother’s Day is really “beat up J— day”  He has been afraid to try his bike with me since then and asks if I am going to yell at him.  I made him try the bike again anyway even though he looked like he was going to cry.

I tried doing an in the neighborhood version of the walking and running club that my two oldest children do at school.  The reason I did this is that we overslept and missed walking and running club before school the previous week.  My oldest tripped and fell and insisted that he couldn’t go any farther.  He cried really, really loud.  People were looking out their doors.  I made him get up and walk it off.  Then on the last block his younger brother and I started running again.  I think he was OK because he tried to race us but he let his father know what a bad mother I was when he went inside.

On another night, I really wanted to take a long fast walk with the baby.  My middle son saw us and insisted on tagging along with his scooter.  Two blocks into the walk he wanted to ditch his scooter.  I made him walk with it and I resented his every five second stops to look at things.  We left his sister behind crying at us out the window because she wanted to come too and I didn’t feel like dealing with getting her into warmer clothes and likely changing her into dry underpants.  She was crying in the window when we returned.

My daughter only stayed dry for one entire day this week.  I know this one is on her but it still feels like a parenting issue.

I let my 19 month-old drink something with HFCS in his sippy cup.

I let my 19 month-old become a 19 month-old without getting 18 month portraits done as I had done with his brothers and sister.

At the ballpark, I forgot to retrieve my middle son’s favorite water bottle after the teeball game.  I was so engrossed in watching my youngest toddle around in my middle son’s batting helmet while throwing a baseball after my oldest son’s game that I didn’t notice when my daughter wandered into the parking lot until my oldest’s coaches returned her to us.  I was not alone in this error as two sets of grandparents were with me at the time.

Well, you’ve heard my moments this week. Please use this diary to share your great moments in parenting.