Bad Decisions

By Cindy

A local college football coach is up on charges of possessing child p0rn. He handed in his university-issued phone to IT for maintenance & they found two videos of three naked children (ages 5-9) dancing. One report I read said that the children were making provocative gestures. I’ve included a link to the couch’s wife making a public statement that it is nothing more than a video that was taken of their children acting silly at bathtime.

Now, my first thought was, really, dude? On your work phone? What a maroon. But my second thought was, is it wrong? I have a few bathtub photos of my kids, and I have one funny one of Gus from behind, naked except for wearing cowboy boots & standing in front of the TV watching “Spongebob.” I’m not against naked pictures of my kids, I just haven’t been interested in having many. I don’t have any videos…my phone doesn’t take them & I usually don’t have my video camera on me.

Did the coach do wrong? Was it wrong because he was caught? Are the kids too old? I think the oldest is a girl, then a boy, & the youngest is a girl. My kids – ages 6 & 3 – still take a bath together once in a while, but they don’t ask to very often, & it’s easy if they don’t because they usually end up getting wild. We’re not walking-around-naked kind of folks, but we don’t get freaked out if the kids see us or each other. I figured that time is still coming. What do you all think?

August 28, 2012