Cult of Bumbo & Bugaboo

February 27, 2006

Fabooj coined the term Cult of Bumbo on dkos the other day, in response to my asking her excitedly if she had one and if it was worth the money (she does not). I don’t own a Bumbo seat either, but my goodness gracious I do so want one, in the same way that I want Chanel lipstick or a Balenciaga motercycle bag. I want one because its COOL, and all the cool babies have them. I mean, look how CUTE…

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I always thought I’d be one of those really spare, simple “all we need is love” kind of moms. This idea is due in part to the fact that I’m not wealthy and I generally scorn industries that pander to the part of me that craves needless excessiveness (the massive wedding industry comes to mind). However, I have been a mother for a grand total of three months and already I eyeball strollers enviously and find myself trying to figure out how I can get that new Maclaren to fit in my tight budget even though my hand-me-down stroller works just fine. My son has plenty of fine sittin’ places, I do not NEED a Bumbo seat which will get a grand total of maybe 2 months use. But by golly its hard to resist, and it is coming from the same part of my brain that used to rationalize  charging 30 dollar lipsticks that I KNEW I would only use a few times. The subject of my object lust has simply transferred from me to my baby, and I anticipate it will only get worse.

In case you havent seen it yet, is a fun blog written by a SAHD with a serious baby object fascination. Funny stuff. What’s your kid-stravagance?