Crap and Barbies

July 12, 2006

Crap, crap, crap, and more crap! My daughter is getting to the age where her toys are all little teeny weeny pieces of crap! I really have to get her to pick up her stuff a lot better, if not it will be swept up when I run the sweeper;) Horrible mommmy, I know!

How does one compete with all of the commercialism and not succumb to the cheap plastic crap that dominates childrens toy stores? I buy her quality wooden toys, but she wants the ‘My Little Ponies’ and ‘Polly Pockets’! Even without watching TV she gets it from school and notices it while we are in the store. How does one keep the miniscule crap under control?

Last but not least of my gripe, Barbies!

I loved Barbies when I was little and am a strong woman as an adult. Why am I so against my child playing with barbies? I just need someone to tell me barbies are okay for a child to play with, the same as princess dresses.
I have had a day! If I find one more little shoe or have to spend an afternoon looking in my car out in the heat for ONE TEENY SHOE I will scream:)

I apologize for the spelling errors, grammatical errors, and overall useless rant:) It made me feel better. I hope others have felt the same way towards all of the crap hoisted upon kids.

Where are your favorite places to buy quality toys?