Confession of a Minor Crime

July 26, 2006

Editor’s note: As mother to an 18-month-old, I sure can relate to this diary. Thanks for the laughs! -Erika

Ok, we all know that one of the great challenges of motherhood is finding time to complete non-child-related tasks–especially if you have any children still under the age of four.  

There have been times when I’ve been occupied by some non-child-related task (writing an email, reading just ONE more chapter of Harry Potter, posting a comment on line, finishing a magazine article) and I’ve noticed that one of my sons is doing something he really should not be doing.  The child’s activity is not dangerous or life-threatening, but it is probably inappropriate, potentially destructive, and definitely violates some rule of the house.  I really should intervene and stop the child, but I also want to finish my task.  What do I do?  
Well, I’m ashamed to confess that on more than one occassion, I’ve pretended not to see what the boy was doing and I’ve finished my task.  A few examples of things I’ve let my children do:

–Pull tampons out of the bathroom drawer and play with them
–Eat random cheerios off the floor
–Pull all the DVDs off the shelf
–Tear up magazines
–Pull novels off the shelf
–Empty all the bandaids out of the bandaid box
–Empty all the floppy disks out of a file cabinet
–Unroll the toilet paper roll
–Rip apart the chive plant

So, I’m posting this on the assumption that I’m not alone–what inappropriate stuff have you let your kids do so you can finish something?

(As I write, the toddler is at my feet, paging through one of my personal journals, pulling out all the random cards, pictures, and clippings I’ve slipped in between the pages)