Child Groom to Seek Divorce

February 26, 2006

Back in November, I posted the following story:

Sharon Cline of Atlanta, Georgia has sent lawmakers a slew of letters begging them to change a Georgia law that allows children of any age to marry, without parental consent, as long as the bride-to-be is pregnant. She has been trying to change this law since her 13-year-old niece has married her 14-year-old boyfriend.

At age 13, I was a completely naive, innocent little girl, who had just started her period and who had not started shaving her legs. I think of myself at that age and cannot even fathom the idea of being married or pregnant. I hadn’t even kissed a boy!! But apparently there is a law in Georgia that no one has bothered changing and some people are taking advantage of it; like Lynette Clark, age 37, who married her 15-year-old “baby daddy” to avoid child molestation charges. Talk about disgusting!!

Well, here is the update:

Lynette Clark, who married her son’s 15-year-old friend pleaded not guilty Friday to charges of statutory rape, child molestation and enticing a minor. The 15 year old’s grandmother informed the court that her grandson would be seeking a divorce…as well as extensive counseling.

At least one good thing came out of this atrocity, it prompted Georgia lawmakers to revisit the state’s marriage laws. On Thursday, the Georgia House voted 142-27 to approve a proposal that would bar teens under 16 from marrying without juvenile court permission.