Body Confidence : Do you get a trophy for a period?

August 25, 2006

My four year old daughter said “Hey Nina I need to talk to you about your period.” to my fifteen year old stepdaughter. The phrase caught me a bit off guard, but I was more curious than anything. Thea said “Nina do you get a trophy if you have a big period?” Nina worked hard to keep from bursting out laughing but held her composure enough to say “Sorry Thea, no trophy for big periods.” Thea put her hands on her hips and said “Well there should be!”

I am a fairly new mom, and find myself learning the do’s and don’ts on a daily basis. I learned that I need to clean up my mouth pronto the day my two and a half year old dropped the F bomb in the kitchen when she dropped a piece of peanut buttered toast on the floor. Sure I knew that I needed to clean up the language but I really knew I needed to clean up the language then. I may make a lot of mistakes with my parenting but I am most proud of moments like the great period discussion above.

At the age of four Thea knows that periods do happen and are a part of life for a woman. Thea isn’t afraid to ask questions about anything and everything – no matter where we are. I find that with Thea there are teachable moments in every moment of the day – as I’m sure that every other mother finds with their children. When Thea announced that we should get trophy’s for having big periods a part of me was relieved. I have always struggled with confidence and love for my body. I hope that as the days and weeks move into years Thea continues to ask questions and continue to have confidence and love for her body.