Blogger ate my blog!

August 16, 2006

Oh woe is me. I am so sad. I was transferring my beloved blog to a new site and Blogger ate it. It means that while the new site is up and running, I can’t tell anyone where it is from the old place. A disaster.
I wanted to move it because I was so fed up of Blogger being down all the time. I only have 10 mins at the end of a day to write the blog and it seemed to be having problems constantly.

Some friends offered to transfer it but, sadly, Blogger decided to upgrade halfway through and it messed up my old url.

I am rather upset about it. It’s not been a good week. Those of you who did read it from time to time can find it at and if admin on here can change the link on the home page, I would be most grateful.

Why O why is technology so gut-wrenchingly awkward?