Belated introduction

April 21, 2006

Hello all.

I thought I’d (finally) post a quick intro after enjoying this site so much!

I am a SAH (but occasionally conflicted) mother to an 18 month old daughter.  I’m a nurse by training with a strong interest in progressive politics, public health & environmental issues.  We (self, husband, child, assorted pets) live in the Puget Sound and thoroughly enjoy our liberal “bubble” as we call it — the beachcombing, hiking, camping, snowboarding and snowshoeing simply can’t be beat.

We lost our first baby at 22 weeks after my water broke prematurely so I take personally all the unsafe attempts by Republicans to control women’s reproductive health.  Quite honestly with a bill such as South Dakota’s in place I would have risked my life and my fertility during my first pregnancy.

Glad to ‘meet’ you all!