Baby Shower Food Recommendations Needed

May 27, 2006

Hi all — One of Markos’s aunts needs food suggestions for a baby shower. Here is her letter:

Need you and your friends help; any suggestion on what kind of finger food I can make for a pot luck baby shower be given for one of our psychologists next week.  I just can’t think of anything that tastes good, looks cute and is not too much work.

Great web page. Lorraine

At my own shower, Erika’s mom made some delicious chicken taquitos. They were plentiful and, for the most part, “self serve” since people could help themselves to the fried tortilla, guacamole — Erika’s mom’s is to die for! — sour cream and veggies.

Here’s another idea: Look through the frozen food section of the supermarket. I have bought things like spinach cream puffs and pizza bites, which are easily baked and could be placed on a nice platter for guests.

If you are on a tight schedule and your budget allows for it, I would buy something — rather than make it — like Salvadorean Pupusas (corn tortillas filled with meat, refried beans or cheese) or Greek Dolmas (rice with lemon juice wrapped in grape leaves) plus a salad with feta cheese or boiled eggs for protein.

What say you, fellow MotherTalkers? What was served at your own baby showers??