Motherhood has been surprisingly wonderful. I don’t know why– maybe it’s mass media’s depiction of harried, mini van-driving women in Mom Jeans or something– but I always expected motherhood to be exhausting. And frustrating. And thankless. Well, exhausting it is– but it’s an exhilirating, satisfying exhaustion. Frustrations have, thankfully, been minimal. And the smile on […] Continue reading

What’s the old saying…never talk about money, religion or politics? Whatever. This is MotherTalkers, where we can have intelligent, nuanced discussions about anything and everything! Today’s taboo topic: dinero, baby. I found this article, about women and their relationship to money, quite fascinating. According to a recent survey, the vast majority of women feel financially […] Continue reading

As I’ve mentioned before, my guilty pleasure is reality shows. Especially the ones that involve transformation–whether it’s the fashion designers on “Project Runway” turning recycled materials into a haute couture creation, or homeowners revamping their rundown living rooms before putting their house on the market on “Designed To Sell.” So Friday night I was eager […] Continue reading

A former schoolteacher has been arrested in connection with the murder of JonBenet Ramsey. Prosecutors are urging the public “not to jump to conclusions,” but after a 10-year investigation, you have to assume they wouldn’t arrest just anyone. I can’t stop thinking about JonBenet’s mother Patsy, who died a few months ago after battling ovarian […] Continue reading

Elisa’s post about Heidi Klum got me thinking about every mother’s love/hate relationship with her post-partum body. I admired Klum for getting back on the catwalk just a few months after having her baby, and seeing her in cute maternity dresses makes me itch for another baby “bump,” as the gossip mags call it. But […] Continue reading