Sorry for the delayed update. Erika and I had a much important Oakland A’s game to attend. Even though we left the stadium during the sixth inning — the kids were getting cranky  — we hear our boys won in an amazing comeback in the bottom of the ninth. Woo-hoo! Okay now for the serious […] Continue reading

Amy and I will be headed down to San Jose today for the BlogHer Conference, meeting some of the many female bloggers out there and introducing them to MotherTalkers. When we started MotherTalkers back in November we had no idea we would create the space for such a supportive and dynamic community, and find blogging […] Continue reading

Being the sole shopping parent in a vegetarian household, I have test-driven through many supermarkets. When we first moved to San Francisco in 1999, I shopped at the natural bulk food store, Rainbow Grocery, which I remember enjoying — and missing. After we crossed the Bay Bridge a year later, I made my purchases at […] Continue reading

I was annoyed by People magazine’s story on Christie Brinkley’s impending divorce from architect Peter Cook. The magazine speculated that he cheated on her with a teenager because he was tired of being known as “Mr. Christie Brinkley:” Why would Cook, 47, a successful architect who has built luxury homes for heiress Anne Hearst, entertainment […] Continue reading

The New Yorker ran a story about the mysterious causes for preeclampsia, a disorder that causes high blood pressure and even death in pregnant women, and the scrambling around for a treatment. One doctor in particular, Ananth Karumanchi, a 31-year-old kidney special at Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center in Boston, has been looking for a […] Continue reading